Lucy Gluckman
General information
Full Name Lucy Gluckman
Nicknames Little Lucy Gluckman

Lucy G

Appearances Austin & Ally
Portrayed by Sabrina Carpenter

Lucy Gluckman is a talented singer who was a contestant on America's Top Talent. Her only appearance was in the episode Moon Week & Mentors. Lucy is portrayed by Sabrina Carpenter.


Lucy is much like how Ally was early in the series, and how she is now. She is both very nervous and shy, a very talented singer, and a dancer. Like Ally, when she's nervous she chews on her hair, but seems to ask if she is how she looks. Such as asking whether she looks nervous, or if she is in fact sure of herself. She is a very talented singer, having shown the audience her true talent when she sang Who I Am to perfection. Both before, and after Ally changed Lucy's appearance, she had been shown to be a very beautiful young woman. Jett Deely even commented how she looked like a supermodel. She has shown a sentimental side when she stated she'd rather sing Who I Am, rather than Don't Look Down, saying she felt more connected to it. Though unlike Ally, Lucy seems to be a little more braver, having conquered her stage fright much quicker than Ally and though she sees Ally as a sort of kindred spirit, she looks more to Austin for guidance.


  • She was the best singing girl at America's Top Talent.
  • She was the youngest contestant on America's Top Talent 2013.
  • At first she was just a joke to make people laugh for the show aka The Joke Contestant.

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